The web is the new frontier for black film.. it provides a way to get a message direct to your audience potentially without any compromise whatsoever.. unlike the old days where every bit of what you said had to be approved/supported by some gatekeeper.. the web gives us access to a worldwide audience. Awkward Black Girl is one the more interesting series because it portrays a character that you almost never see represented in Film.. black or otherwise.. and it does it in a way that is interesting.. But history has taught me that every new venture that black folks develop and pay attention too will soon be coopted in an effort to maintain the status quo. The same thing happened with the positive black films of the 70s.. they were drowned out by white funded films featuring negative images of black folks.. This new webseries is in my opinion along the same lines.. The support-anything-black crowd is saying “good job”, but I see it differently.. here’s what I said,

“I think it’s chock full of negative black stereotypes.. And that it promotes things we need to leave behind. We have to remember that every movement in black art is eventually coopted and turned against us.. And for that reason we need to be very careful about what we support. All I saw was a wild headed dude eating chicken and playing the buffoon.. A black woman playing the strong black and potentially violent woman.. Another black man used to depict black children as violent and wild with the shooting on the playground.. And a reinforcement of the idea that all black people steal. This is a far far cry from the Awkward Black Girl level of webseries., and this is exactly the kind of show that would be picked up by a major network to further denigrate the images of black people.”

I think its really important to recognize how this image-warfare game is played.. and to not fall into the hole of cheering for every show that has black faces in it.. intent and impact matter.. Film is not entertainment.. its a tool that has so far been used against us.. Birth Of A Nation is still hailed as one of the greets films ever.. and what that film did was not entertain.. it was assassinate and fuel the continued and reinvigorated campaign against our humanity here in america..